The Journey

Midoil Refining & Petrochemicals Company Limited (Midoil R&PCL) was incorporated on the 12th April, 2012 with authorized share capital of 100,000,000 Ordinary Shares.

Midoil Refining & Petrochemicals Company Limited seeks to distinguish itself as a leading and reputable Refining and Petrochemicals organization.

With the partial deregulation of refined Petroleum Products market by the Federal Government in 2012, and further deregulation of diesel oil, Midoil is set to pave the way towards ensuring the success of its vision, bringing together a team of highly skilled professionals.

Coupled with its vast and in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry, Midoil is ideally placed to lead the way towards a sustainable and reliable supply chain for the future.

The total nameplate capacity for the proposed Refinery will be 100,000 bpsd to be located in Lagos State.

The Founding Members of the Company, are men and women who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen careers before venturing into business and making a success of the businesses individually before coming together to birth Midoil Refining & Petrochemicals Company Limited in 2008.

Our Vision